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You have 30 minutes to get to dental care if you have chipped or knocked out your tooth.

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Tooth Ache

Get pain relief for that aching tooth.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Our dentist can fix your broken tooth.

Knocked Out Teeth

Have your missing teeth taken care of.

Lost Fillings

Have your fillings replaced.

Lost Crown

Get your crown replaced.

Broken Braces and Wires

Braces repair 24 hrs a day.

Tooth Abcess

Drain your abscessed tooth and prevent infection.

Objects Stuck in Teeth

Remove the substance from in between your teeth.

24 Hour Dentist Near You

Find a 24 hr emergency dentist in your city. Navigate to your state and city to find the dentist who will take care of the pain you are experiencing with your teeth and gums. Our emergency dentists will help you get the relief you need. We hand select our emergency dentist based on specific criteria to make sure you are provided with the best care.

Where can emergency dentistry take place?

Dental Emergencies can take place at any time regardless if it is day or night. That’s why emergency dental practitioners are on call 24 hours a day. A toothache chipped or cracked tooth, or any dental service need could come at any moment.

In some cases, it hurts with cold water and also often cold water actually takes the pain away temporarily. It takes an emergency situation dental practitioner to properly diagnose your oral trouble and also establish the most effective option. This is why despite how ‘certain’ an individual can be with their dental trouble; the emergency situation dental expert always executes his very own exam and also medical diagnosis.

Do not wait to get treatment!

Waiting can only prolong your pain and possibly put you in a position where you could lose a tooth. Having an emergency dentist near me repair your tooth right away can mean the difference between saving it and losing it.

Find A Dentist As Soon As Possible

Make sure that you find your emergency dentist as soon as possible. At Emergency Dental Repair you will be able to obtain the right practitioner to administer your emergency fix and eliminate your pain.

When dealing with a dental emergency make sure to take care of the issue with your tooth or gums right away. It is important to handle the dental emergency correctly just as Colgate outlines.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A DENTAL EMERGENCYWhat Should I Do If I Have A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency could occur in an instant. One moment you can be joking as well as chuckling with a friend and the next you could have an impact to the mouth, breaking or fracturing a tooth. If this scenario were to take place you need to understand what you have to do and make sure to call a 24 hr. emergency dentist.

What people are saying about their appointment with Emergency Dental Repair:

“On Christmas day when no one else was open. The advice they gave me on my phone about what to do about my chipped tooth saved it. I was soooo happy that I spoke with them and got an appointment at one of their local offices that was open.”
Lori W.

“Even though they were the only ones who were open that took my call they were very friendly and helpful. My crown fell out and I broke my tooth on it and they provided me with great advice on how to take some of the pain away. And on top of that, they set me up with an appointment to get it fixed.”
Juan T.


What is considered a dental emergency

If you have oral pain that is intense and prevents you from being able to eat, sleep, or constantly worry about what you are putting in your mouth than you probably have a dental emergency. A lot of times the following is what causes an emergency:

Bitten tongue:

  • If you bite your tongue and it starts bleeding, clean your tongue with a towel. Likewise, use a cool compress to get rid of swelling. If bleeding persists, seek medical caassistance.

Knocked-out tooth:

  • If your tooth has been knocked senseless, rinse your mouth with warm water. Doing this could take out microorganisms from your mouth as well as reduce your risk of infection. Next off, look for your missing tooth. If you could find it, rinse it off as well as change it in the vacant outlet. If you really feel uncomfortable changing your tooth, you can additionally place it in a cup of milk. Finally, contact your local emergency situation dental professional for the procedure, as well as bring the tooth with you for your dentist to see during your dental treatment.

Busted tooth:

  • If you experience a busted tooth, your tooth is quickly at an increased risk of infection. Hence, your very first priority ought to be to wash your mouth with cozy water to assist free it of bacteria. Next, apply a cool compress to help prevent any type of swelling, as well as call our emergency dentists for emergency treatment.

Broken tooth:

  • Just as with a busted tooth, a fractured tooth has an improved possibility of catching an infection. Wash your mouth with warm water and also look for oral therapy. A cool compress can get rid of the swelling.

Oral Infection:

  • A serious oral infection such as cold sores or gingivitis can require emergency care. If you have trouble swallowing or breathing then you probably have an urgent dental problem. Oral health is very important with these types of infections and you want to make sure you take your oral hygiene seriously. 

Broken Braces:

  • If you have broken your braces or wires and the wire is poking into your mouths skin than you will want to try and cover the sharp end as quick as possible. The sharp end can poke into your skin and gums and create more damage. Try and cover the sharp point or bend it so that it stops from poking. Then contact an orthodontist who can fix the issue.

An Abscess:

  • This is an extremely painful infection at the root of a tooth that touches on the nerve. An Abscess Tooth is very painful and could require a root canal. Make sure to find an urgent dental clinic right away to prevent losing the tissue because of infection.

Lost Fillings or Crowns:

  • Losing a filling or crown is a normal occurrence within the after-hours dentistry realm. Make sure to find the missing piece and bring it with you to the urgent dental office.

Lost Tooth:

  • A lost tooth can happens to us for a number of reasons. We usually see this because of a traumatic accident. If you have the tooth, make sure to rinse it off with warm water and do not brush it as you may damage the tissue. Store it in milk if you are not able to replace it into the socket and contact an emergency dentist to save your tooth.

And any other reason that is causing severe pain or a toothache!

where can i find an emergency dentist near me

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me:

Finding an emergency dentist can be necessary when experiencing dental pain. Whether you need an emergency dentist specialist in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, or anywhere in the country we can help.

Our emergency dental clinics can help you with tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, emergency oral surgeons, pediatric dentist or any type of oral emergency we can help!

Can you go to the ER for a tooth extraction

Having your teeth looked it in an ER can be difficult as well in regards to emergency dentistry. A lot of times hospitals do not have the staff or a dental professional who has the experience needed to service you. A lot of times a night dentist will refer you to a local emergency dentist or oral surgeon.

Some wonder can the emergency room pull a tooth, and they are able too although they do not usually want too. It is better to have a dental professional look at your mouth to determine what needs to be done. The last option is pulling a tooth as you want to keep your teeth for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Weekend Dentist Open Sunday and Saturday near MeHow much will an emergency dentist cost

The price of an emergency dentist visit will vary based on what you need to be done. Leveraging a discount dental plan can help reduce the cost of an emergency dentist that you need to see in the evenings, open Saturday and Sunday (weekends) or holidays. Regardless, the cost should be close to what you would pay your general dentist.

What types of payments are accepted by the dentist

Most dental offices accept cash, credit cards, checks, payment plans, dental savings plans, and insurance.

Can you go to urgent care for a toothache?

Usually, a visit to urgent care ends up being prescribed medication to prevent the pain. This allows you time to be able to get to a dental office where they are qualified to address your issue.

Who do I call for a dental emergency

You need to find an emergency dentist and call Emergency Dental Repair!

How Do I find a Spanish Speaking Emergency Dentist

Contact us our Spanish number and we can help you find a Spanish speaking urgent dental care clinic. dentista de emergencia

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