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What Is An Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are the removal of the tooth from its socket bone.

Types of Emergency Tooth Extractions

  • A simple extraction
  • A surgical Extraction
  • Extraction of Impacted tooth
  • Extraction of a bony impacted tooth
  • Wisdom teeth removal

A Simple Emergency Extraction

This is done on a tooth that can be seen in the mouth. The emergency dentist will loosen with an instrument, referred to as the elevator. Then he/she will use the forceps to remove it completely. This only happens when the tooth has been damaged so much that filing, root canal or crowning cannot be done.

A Surgical Extraction

This is a more complex procedure when a tooth is broken near the gum or has not yet come out in the mouth. The oral surgeon makes an incision into the gum and is removed either in pieces or whole depending on the condition.

Emergency Extraction of Impacted Tooth

If a tooth has not fully erupted out of the gum, the impacted tooth necessarily has to be removed. This if not checked can result in serious dental problems. An incision is made into the gums creating a flap, in which the impacted tooth is removed through the flap.

Extraction Of A Bony Impacted Tooth

This depends on how much tooth remains above the bone. Although the extraction might be complicated especially when the tooth is under the bone or lying on its side, our dentist at an extra fee will remove the surrounding bone to expose the tooth and break it into pieces for easier removal.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

They may have to be removed at some point. Once they erupt fully, they cause overcrowding causing pain and eating problems. This type of extraction varies from a simple extraction to a surgical extraction.

What Happens During An Emergency Tooth Extraction?

An emergency tooth extraction normally happens when the tooth has not fully erupted through the gum. Here our oral surgeon will begin with an x-ray and an examination of the tooth, then he/she will choose an aesthetic which might include an injection just to make you comfortable during the procedure.

An incision is made in the gum to remove the unerupted tooth or split the tooth into pieces and remove it. Our oral surgeon will prescribe some steroids just to reduce swelling depending on the procedure with an antibiotic.

Emergency Tooth Extraction Pain

Three things will determine the amount of pain after tooth extraction. The amount of damage to the tissues that required the tooth removed. The amount of infection from the beginning and lastly the patient. Some people’s tissues are just so sensitive and can’t take it when the pain is too much.

Emergency Tooth Extraction Bleeding

Bleeding after a tooth extraction is very normal, though if it persists you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. To stop the bleeding bite gently on the gauze given by our dentist and avoid rinsing or spitting forcefully.

Emergency Tooth Extraction Healing Time

The healing period normally takes one to two weeks. A new gum and bone grow into the gap. You will notice blood clots filling the socket which triggers the healing process.

Risks Associated With Emergency Dental Extractions

Some of the risks that are involved with an emergency tooth extraction are pain, swelling and bruising. Others involve delayed healing on the extracted site or sometimes a very bad reaction to the anesthesia. Damage to the nerves or teeth is also possible.

A problem also called dry socket can develop, although 3 to 4%. This occurs when the blood clot does not form or the blood clot breaks down too early.
A fractured jaw is also possible due to the pressure exerted during extraction. This happens mostly among elderly patients.

A hole in the sinus during removal of the molar tooth, though a small hole will close up itself in a few weeks if not surgery will be required. There could be damage on the next tooth such as a fracture.

How Much Does An Emergency Tooth Extraction Cost

Without dental insurance, tooth extractions cost between $200 to $600 (As of the date of this post). Costs will vary by the type and condition of the tooth extraction.

According to the 2016 survey, one is expected to pay from $53 to $98 for a non-surgical baby tooth extraction. Approximately $110 to $220 for a non-surgical permanent emergency tooth extraction.

This does not include the examinations or x-ray that is used to diagnose the tooth extraction. Unless the infection is present, additional medications will be required making the cost slightly higher.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From An Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Two weeks after the surgery, the gum surrounding your extraction will be close to being completely repaired. The initial size of the wound does matter a lot. We advise that during this healing time you are careful especially when eating or brushing your teeth. This is because the tissue at this time is very tender especially when touched.

Is An Emergency Tooth Extraction Painful

Emergency tooth extractions are not really painful, but getting out a tooth is not easy. Be sure to expect or feel a pinch of the needle as the dentist tries to numb up the teeth and the gums. Some pressure will also be felt when your tooth is being loosened, other than that it is rare to feel pain during the tooth extraction. If you happen to feel pain, be sure to let our dentist know as he/she can control it.

Can You Go To The ER or Emergency Room To Have A Tooth Pulled?

Only an emergency dentist is allowed to pull a tooth. It is illegal for anyone who has does not practice dentistry to pull a tooth, fill a cavity or perform any major surgery. It is very rare to find a dentist in an emergency room.

Emergency room doctors rarely do much, they usually just provide you with antibiotics for temporary relief. Although, things like toothaches rarely go away so you will still have to see a dentist.

Can Urgent Care Remove A Tooth?

Yes, they do. Urgent care is medical facilities that give immediate attention to serious health concerns. Walk-in medical clinics offer dental urgent care, they deal with emergencies like gums, mouth, and teeth. They treat patients with knocked out tooth and put it back in the socket within an hour or two. Patients who have a broken tooth also get a chance to be seen by them.

How To Relieve Pain For A Emergency Tooth Extraction

  • First, you need to relax for the next 24 hours with minimal activity.
  • Rinsing or spitting forcefully to avoid removing the clot that forms in the socket
  • Applying Ice bag immediately to avoid swelling.
  • Avoid smoking, this inhibits healing
  • Take painkillers to reduce the pain as prescribed.
  • The gauze pad, bite gently to reduce the bleeding and allow a clot to form in the socket.