sedation dentist near me

Finding a
sedation dentist near me

may not always be easy as you may think. However, there are several ways to find a dental oral sedation practitioner near you. We will help connect you to a sedation dentist in your area or close to your location.

What Is A General Anesthesia Dentist

This is a dentist who has gone a special type of training necessary to administer general anesthesia.

  • Sedation Dentistry for Adults

    • Patients love the benefits of oral sedation. They are responsive all the time and are able to answer questions when asked. Patients likely enjoy the amnesia effect because you don’t remember the visit to the dentist office. The staff at our offices take very good care of you and all your needs are met.
    • Intravenous Sedation is highly used among adults. The effects are felt more quickly as it is fast compared to the sedative medications. For the patients who fear needles, this might not be appropriate unless an oral sedative is provided.
  • Sedation Dentistry for Kids

    • Every child should be evaluated carefully. Sedation dentistry relieves children from anxiety so that they don’t develop phobia when it comes to visiting the dentist. Children who have non-medical conditions are treated using sedation medication. Our dentists create a safe and comfortable experience for your kids so that they don’t fear in the future a visit to the dentist office. A combination of nitrous oxide and oral medications are used to create a great experience.

Who is Sleep Dentistry Good For

Sleep dentistry is highly recommended for procedures that are highly complicated for children to undergo. This makes it safer for children, for example, if a child’s tooth needs to be pulled and we don’t want the fear of the dentist that will cause him/her to struggle with the procedure. Sleep dentistry helps relax the child so that the dentist can perform his procedures without interference. However, in the long run, sleep dentistry is beneficial for both children and adults. It is also beneficial for people who have a low pain threshold, can’t sit still in the dentist’s chair, have sensitive teeth, bad gag reflex and need a large amount of dental work completed.

Emergency Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes it’s unfortunate that emergency sedation dentists can be hard to find, and this makes your options to getting treatment rare. This is why we have our dentists 24/7 hotline number to help you find a dentist near you. Once you call, give your information and all the details and you will be directed immediately to the closest sedation dentist in your area.

What Dentist Does Sedation

Most dentists can administer minimal sedation, however, a smaller percentage who have completed the commission on dental accreditation can use the complex techniques. The dentists are maxillofacial surgeons and dental anesthesiologists who are specially trained to give all levels of sedation and anesthesia to both children and older people. Many states require a dentist to have a permit in order to perform sedation.

What Does Oral Sedation Feel Like

Oral sedation is normally given in a pill form. You’re given a prescription of two doses, one to take the night before and the other an hour or more before the procedure to help you relax. It makes you feel drowsy but relaxed, able to respond to questions or respond to requests, some patients become groggy and fall asleep though can easily be woken up if needed and lastly you feel like you are in a dream state which might result in you forgetting what happened during the procedure once the medication wears off..

Is Sedation at the Dentist Safe

Sedation is safe when given by an experienced dentist. However, people with medical conditions should inform the dentist before sedation as they are likely to develop complications from the anesthesia. It is also important to make sure that the dentist administering the sedation is qualified. The more procedures a dentist has performed, the better.

How Much Does it Cost to Be Sedated at the Dentist

Fees for sedation are almost to the cost of procedures being done. Some dentists include relaxation sedation at no charge when performing extensive cosmetic dental work at a cost of $20000- $40000.

  • Inhalation Sedation
    • The nitrous oxide is used and can cost $25-$100 or more. This depends on the location or the amount administered and the dentist.
  •  Light oral sedation
    • This can cost from $150-$500 or more depending on the type of medication, amount of sedatives needed, location and the individual dentist. Typically pills with brand names such as valium, Halcion took before the appointment.
  • IV dental sedation
    • Provides deep sedation and costs $250-$900 or more depending on the length of the appointment and location.

Although insurance may cover the dental procedure being done, it does not cover the cost of sedation to relax an anxious patient.

Sedation Dentistry Side Effects

There are side effects after the sedation is done. Some people tend to get hiccups for a while until it fully wears off while others tend to experience a dry mouth. These side effects happen when the sedative is wearing off. In case all these effects happen there is a high probability that you won’t even remember them.

What to Expect with a IV Sedation Dentist

IV sedation provides comfort and relief to patients who have anxiety to avoid complications, however there are important factors to note regarding the sedation process.

Prior to arriving at the office for the sedation process, we recommend you avoid drinking 6-8 hours before the procedure, avoid taking medications unless approved by our dentist and alert our dentist of any medical history

During The Procedure

It is important to note that patients go through multiple levels of sedation before they become fully conscious. Our dentist will increase or decrease the amount of sedation throughout the dental procedures to ensure the patient is comfortable. IV sedation is normally used for severe tooth extractions or removal of multiple canals.

After The Procedure

You are expected to feel slightly drowsy however it will subside within several hours. This is why we recommend someone to take you home after the procedure. Complications are rare if you follow to the core the instructions offered by our dentists, but incase it happens feel free to immediately contact us.