Find A Weekend Dentist Open Sunday and Saturday near Me

Weekend Dentist Open Sunday and Saturday near MeJust because it’s a weekend, this does not mean that dental problems stop. Dental problems don’t take a day off. When you are experiencing pain or any sort of discomfort, you will want to see a specialist as soon as possible.

For some clinics, Saturday’s office hours are normal working days. The Dentist will tend to clients but will not work until the end of the day. Sundays are rest days as people prepare to tackle the new week ahead. Finding a Dental clinic open on Sunday requires luck, and with a dental emergency, a specialist’s service will urgently be required. Do you need to find an emergency dentist near you over the weekend? Call us and we will help you with that.

Emergency Dentist Open Weekends

It can be difficult to find a weekend dentist. By calling Emergency Dental Repair we can help you locate a dentistry professional easily. We will help you find an after hour dental clinic in your city and state and you will be able to get an index of dental offices. Dental clinics are opened on weekends finding the right one is the most important thing. Our weekend dental specialists can help you find the weekend dentist you urgently need.

Emergency Dentist Open Near Me on Sunday

Sundays are the most difficult days to find a dentist. Very few dental professionals will work on a Sunday and this makes it almost impossible to find one in your area. However, we have come up with a directory that provides dentists on Sunday. This does not mean that you must wait until a weekday for your dental problems to be solved because there are dentists who work on Sundays.

Emergency Dentist Open Saturday

Saturdays are just as hectic as our weekdays. We open and generally our dentists will offer the same services that are offered on weekdays. You shouldn’t struggle to find a dentist operating on a Saturday as we work on normal working hours.

Are dentists open on the weekends – Saturday and Sunday?

Most dental offices operate from Monday to Friday only. Appointments that are not emergencies are pushed to the next week at a date suitable for the dentist and the patient.

If you require any dental specialist to look at your problem, our dentist offices are open on weekends; this is because there are a lot of people who might need to see a dentist who found it difficult to visit one during the week. Work or school may make it hard to find the appropriate time to visit a dentist. This means there is a high demand for dentists to open on Saturday and Sunday.

Our dentist offices are available and can help anyone find a dentist during and outside of normal week hours.

Is it more expensive to visit a dentist on the weekends – Saturday and Sunday?

The normal cost of dental care usually depends on where you live, the seriousness of the condition and the number of teeth affected. Since weekends do not count as normal working days, you should be prepared to pay more when visiting a dentist during the weekend.

It is always a good idea to call to get an idea of what the potential may be. Having dental insurance is a great idea especially in situations where the cost may be higher due to an emergency. Below are some of the average prices of common dental problems and what it costs to see a specialist:

Dental Crowns: Crowns are made from ceramic materials and regularly need a dental visit. This visit will set you back around $1200-$1500.

Tooth extractions: area simple tooth extraction not requiring anesthesia costs $75-$300 while a surgical tooth extraction requiring anesthesia is a bit more expensive with the price ranging between $200-$600.

Root Canals: Root canals are usually expensive. For the front tooth, it averagely costs between $700-$950, while the cost for molars is higher, ranging between $1000-$1200.
Cavities: Cavities are filled using porcelain or amalgam. You need a minimum of $110 to have a cavity filled.

How can I find a Dentist open Sunday & Saturday near me?

A toothache, broken tooth or cavities can happen any time. It may be quite difficult to find an open dental office during the weekend, especially on Sundays. We have a solution for you if a dental problem occurs during the weekend. By calling our 24/7 helpline, you will immediately get in touch with a dental specialist based on your location.

All you need to do is to tell us what type of care from a dentist you require, and some other basic information. Our dentists have been vetted by experts and you will be connected with dentists’ services you can trust.

Are pediatric dentists open on the weekends?

Unlike other dental offices, pediatric offices normally operate on weekdays. Most pediatric dentists in the United States work for only four days during the week. This means it’s difficult to find a dental doctor working during the weekend. It is easier to find a pediatric dentist open on Saturdays than Sundays.

Normally, most dentists only take appointments on Sunday if scheduled earlier during the week, so it is better to call us and book an appointment. This has some significant disadvantages since nearly every employed person has to work from Monday to Friday.

Visiting a dentist would, therefore, be convenient during the weekend. Also, a dental emergency can happen at any time and require immediate attention. When any dental emergency occurs during the weekend, like if your child needs urgent care, or keeps crying due to a painful cavity that just won’t go away; you can get in touch with a pediatric dentist who is in an area close to you.

We help you get in touch with weekend dentists who exclusively work on weekends to help if you need assistance during the weekend. Having weekend dentists is a big advantage since many Americans are free on weekends and now it’s easier to find the right specialist for you. You can call us anytime even if it’s outside our regular working hours.

Can I visit the ER for tooth pain on the weekend?

Dental pains are usually caused by bacterial infections. Before the dentist starts working on the tooth, the infection needs to be treated first since working on an infected tooth is risky. If you experience severe dental pain, don’t hesitate to visit an ER that is located near you. Even if you don’t find a specialist when you arrive, the staff who work in the Emergency Room are trained to face almost all types of emergencies. You will get some form of treatment that will be helpful and relieve the pain.

ER’s work 24/7 so you can be sure to find them open in case you need urgent attention. If you’re not in exceptional pain you can call our dentists and schedule for a weekday appointment.


We offer a wide range of dental treatments even during the weekend. They include;

Replacing knocked out teeth

You can have that missing tooth replaced during the weekend and be back to work on Monday.

Fixing and replacing dental crowns and fillings

Our dentists will replace dental crowns that have severely decayed. If you have dental decay, you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible to avoid losing the whole tooth.

Finding the cause of toothache and fixing the problem

A check-up is done by the dentist to find out what is causing the toothache. If it’s a bacterial infection, you are given antibiotics to treat the infection first before fixing it. A toothache caused by damaged filling or tooth decay will be fixed immediately.

Orthodontic Services

Our highly accredited dentists will meet you and create a treatment plan best suited for you. Afterward, X-ray scans and photographs will be taken to clearly show your whole teeth structure and help assess problems in your teeth. Once completed, the specialists will review every detail they have with you and answer every question you might have regarding the treatment process.

Tooth Extractions

Although most dentists avoid extracting a tooth and rather love to work to save one, sometimes a tooth may be badly damaged to a point where it can’t be rescued. Also, some people have extra teeth that ruin teeth alignment and grow out of the normal teeth arrangement. Our dentists are well trained to perform tooth extractions. An anesthetic injection is used to reduce pain during the process, and you are given some painkillers afterward to help ease the pain as you recover.

Gum disease

The tissues holding your teeth in place can get infected by poor mouth hygiene practices. Not brushing your teeth allows plaque stack between your teeth to be a harbor for bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria infect the tissue (gum) causing gum disease. If ignored, gum disease may lead to tooth loss and welcome other infections. When you visit our clinic, our dentists will first check and note if there are any signs of inflammation in your gums. The type of treatment will depend on the extent of the infection.

Check-up and cleaning

To avoid mouth infections like gum disease, dental caries, and periodontal disease, you need to regularly visit a dentist to have a check-up on the status of your teeth and have them cleaned to clear out debris hiding in places your toothbrush can’t reach.

Call us now and book an appointment located near you.